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About Sing Long Heng

Established by Mr Tan Chye Khoon in the 1970s, Syarikat Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd has been in the poultry business for over 50 years. We are the pioneer in breeding native poultries.


Under his leadership, we now run 3 large-scale breeding farms throughout Malaysia, with 2 in Penang and 1 in Johor, achieving a sufficient production capacity to supply native Day-Old Chicks (DOCs) to meet the increasing demands of the local market. In addition, we provide DOCs topoultry farmers within Malaysia and export to neighbouring countries, including Brunei, China, and Indonesia.


Syarikat Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd’s subsidiary, KP Asli Sdn Bhd, was established in 2009 with 12 large-scale native broiler farms in both Penang and Perak states of Malaysia. With an integrated supply chain, poultry’s condition can be effectively controlled by customising poultry feed and nutrition via the subsidiary company, Pangkal Perdana Sdn Bhd, attaining cost-effective operation throughout the supply chain.


  • To be a responsible market leader in the poultry breeding industry and contribute significantly to expanding the poultry market.
  • To engage in responsible poultry breeding.
  • To contribute to the educational field in providing an opportunity for hands-on experience to future veterinarians, animal doctors, experts and leaders.


Since 2021, Syarikat Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd has collaborated with Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) in discussing potential projects related to the genetic improvement of native breeds regarding its feed efficiency, nutrient specifications and feeding strategy as well as commercialisation of related technologies and products.


Our farms are Malaysia Good Agricultural Practices (MyGAP) certified. MyGAP acknowledges farms that follow best agricultural practices to protect the environment, workers’ welfare and produce good quality products.