Village Chick Village Chick

Our product of village chicks is unique, quality and fast-growing breed in the market.

Broiler Chick Broiler Chick

Our product of broiler chicks are ROSS and AA+. They are fast growing and well accepted in the market.

Coloured Chick Coloured Chick

Imported breeds from France and Israel. They are medium-growing breeds, yellow skin and shanks.

Introduction Our company

Syarikat Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd is established in year 1980. We have been in the poultry business for more than 40 years since year 70s. Currently, we have 3 breeding farms in Malaysia. 2 breeding farms are in Northern Area and the other one is in Johor Bahru. We have sufficient chick production to supply to this demanding market in Malaysia...more

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