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Syarikat Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd is established in year 1980. We have been in the poultry business for more than 40 years since year 70s. Currently, we have 3 breeding farms in Malaysia. 2 breeding farms are in Northern Area and the other one is in Johor Bahru. We have sufficient chick production to supply to this demanding market in Malaysia.

We are expert in breeding farm. Our technology is up to the required standard and our bio-security is well implemented in our farms.

Market Information

There were 14 village chicken breeding companies with 17 farms having a total of 0.403 million parent stocks in operation in Peninsular Malaysia in Year 2008. The breeds used were Sasso, Kabir , Sikies , Hubbard ISA and the local crosses.

The local crosses were the principal breed of parent stock in year 2008 accounting for 80.96 percent of the population. A total of 42.19 million Day-Old Chick were produced in year 2008 and it is estimated that 46.13 million chicks will be produced in year 2009. Te annual ex-farm prices of Day-Old Chicks was RM1.88 per bird for year 2008 the production of village chicken in year 2008 was 40.68 million birds and forecasted to be about 43.99 million in year 2009. Ex-farm prices of village chicken in year 2008 ranged from RM6.00 to RM8.50 a kilogram. The annual average cost of production was RM6.62 a kilogram.

Picked From Department Of veterinary Services, Wisma Tani, Podium Block, Lot 4G1&4G2, Precinct 4, 62630 Putrajaya